XIII In Memory of Evelin Lestal 2017

Tartu, September 16-17th

 The purpose

  • To carry out the XIII Memorial contest in Tartu to immortalize the memory of our most successful instructor Evelin Lestal. (This year it is the 92th birth anniversary of E. Lestal)
  • To introduce the achievements of a long-time coach and a top level table tennis player in Estonia to younger generations of table tennis players and to the public.
  • To popularize table tennis in Tartu
  • To carry out the Childrens GP serial contest

Time and place

September 16 – 17th, 2017 , in Tartu Turu 8 sportshall

September 16th – children at 11:00 a.m.

September 17th – all players at 11:00 a.m.

Participation and registration

Childrens GP on Saturday

Registration until September 13th by email:, phone +372 53077911

Children – All the children within the age limits can participate. Participation fee (7 EUR) will be paid according to registrations. Organizers have the right to allow children free participation.

In Memory of Evelin Lestal   on Sunday

Registration until September 15th. Possible to registrate half an hour (10.30) before competitions too

       Participation fee 10 EUR

       Registration on Sunday morning 12 EUR

System of the competition

Saturday, September 16th

The first day of competitions – one of the Childrens GP stages where the leaders of the 4 age groups are determined.

      – children born in   2009 – …

      – children born in 2007-2008

      – children born in 2005-2006

      – children born in 2003-2004

 Sunday, September 17th

 Adults play by the rules of ITTF in two minus system until all positions have been determined (the best of five sets). Contestants are drawn in the chart according to their current rating. In case of foreign players the head referee will decided the position in the chart.


Childrens GP

I, II and III place will be awarded with a medal, diploma and prices.

Evelin Lestal Memorial

Three best juniors (1998-….), adults and veterans will be awarded with a medal, diploma and prices.

The best students of Evelin Lestal Rein Lindmäe and Ülle Hüva-Laur give the Cups to the first place among men and women.


Accommodation and catering organized if requested in

Hostel Tamme Staadion ( Prices 18.50 EUR per person with breakfast, please inform

The nearest accomondations to the sportshall – Tartu Hotell (;

and Dorpat Hotell (  

Starest Hotel ( – good prices

Problems occurring during the competitions will be solved by the organizers of the competitions. Every participant is in charge of his or her own state of health.

Main referee is Madis Koit

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